Skylight repairs Sydney

Roof repairs Sydney offer a full skylight repair and skylight replacement service in Sydney.
Skylights are a great addition to any home because they let natural light into the home which is good for your electricity bills and great for the environment.
We stock all types of skylights that have been installed around Sydney since the 70’s.
The most common problem that skylights face when they age is that, either, the frame that holds the skylight dome rusts, and therefore the skylight dome can dislodge during strong winds or heavy rain or the dome itself is sun damaged and during hailstorms in Sydney the dome becomes brittle and cracks.
This can be a quite costly repair, so its best sometimes to have your skylight dome checked by a skylight installer for signs of wear and tear.
Our Sydney skylight repair team services and repairs skylights throughout the Sydney area, and can normally have your skylight ordered and fixed within a few days.

skylight Repairs Sydney

We have installed 1000’s of skylights throughout the years and we can always find a solution that fits your needs and budget.
Another common problem we have is during Sydney storms the whole skylight can blow off causing damage to your roof, your house or to your neighbours property. In strong winds we have found skylight domes 100’s of metres away.
When this happens water will pour into your home and can damage ceilings, walls and electrics. We recommend calling our emergency roof repair team urgently so we can get this rectified immediately.
Insurance companies will also not pay for internal damage caused by faulty skylight domes. So if you think your skylight needs to be replaced or repaired give roof repairs Sydney a call or email today and one of our roofing team members can give you a free no obligation quote.

So head over to our contact page and give one of our friendly team a call.

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