Roof tiles on your roof will need to be repaired or replaced for a variety of reasons throughout the lifetime of your roof. Roof repairs Sydney are available 24/7 for all types of tile related problems.

With the wild weather we have seen in Sydney as of late, many homes around Sydney are calling us because they have several issues with water inundation due to faulty tiles.

One of our tradesman will asses your roof and find the leak and organise a date for us to come out and complete the works.

We are also experts in sourcing rare roof tiles that are no longer made for a reasonable price and matching your tile pattern so your roof looks even.

Sometimes changing roofing tiles isn’t enough and the tiles become brittle due to their age. We can replace all the tiles on the roof for your home or business or alternatively,
Roof repairs Sydney can also change your home from tile to metal.

Roof Repairs Sydney

What causes tiles to slip out of place or break?

Roof tiles slipping out of place or breaking is a common roofing problem in Sydney. This can be caused by several reason including high winds, animals, hail, tree branches and even people breaking into your home. It can also be caused by having unexperienced people on your roof such as solar panel installers or handymen. Once a tile has slipped or broken you can expect a lot of water to enter your home or business putting your greatest asset at risk.

What’s the next step to get roof tiles fixed?

Head over to our contact page and give us a call today we will have one of our local roofers come out and give you a quote anywhere in the Sydney region.

We cover all areas of Sydney, so don’t delay….